Beautiful Lie – A Cover by Brian Jilg

Sometimes you hear a piece of music that just stirs you to the deepest part of your soul.  That song for me this weekend was “Beautiful Lie” by Hans Zimmer / Junkie XL on the Batman vs. Superman soundtrack.  The haunting vocal on there really stood out to me.  I found myself playing along on my keyboard.  Next thing I knew, I had a rough draft of a cover.  So I finished fleshing it out and adding substance.  It is not a copy of the song, more of an interpretation.  That’s what makes covers fun for me, not just doing the exact same thing.. but what CAN you do different?

You can watch with the Youtube link or listen with the Soundcloud link below.  Always feel free to repost or share with others!

Thanks for taking your time out to watch or listen!





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