So long Soundcloud?

I have been an avid fan of Soundcloud for many years.  I post all of my music there and for a long time it was king of all my sources of people listening to my music.  Those days are over and I think the numbers bear it out.  I know I am not a huge pull on Soundcloud, but damn, the numbers have dried up quite drastically.  Perhaps I am not engaging enough on Soundcloud?  That is a possibility, but experience has shown me that consistent posting keeps people coming back for more.  I just get the sense people are not piling onto Soundcloud, which is a shame.  It was a beautiful place to hear new music.  Music you would never hear any place else, name your genre.  Anyways, an interesting article on the possible future of Soundcloud possibly being bought out by Spotify.  I am not sure what that means for the average musician who posts there, but get your social networking skills honed and learn how to create videos for Youtube to keep growing your numbers.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pintrest, if you can name it, try to use it.  It is a massive undertaking obviously but that is what it takes to get noticed.  (well writing and producing music that people want to listen to as well…)  I have so much to learn… and learn I will.


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