I have finished my first trailer entry for 2017 but I am still focused sharply on my next project.  However, my approach is much more deliberate and purposeful.  I know what I want to write.  I can’t wait to write it and hear it. I can’t wait to let the world hear it!  I am taking my time on this one though.   There are some sounds and effects I have not mastered yet that I feel will be needed for this trailer.  I am going to learn before I write.  I am going to expand my musical vocabulary before speaking.  Onwards and forward!  Be bold and try new things!  It is the fact that I am patient with this project has me hopeful.  I believe it is a sign of becoming more confident in my ability to compose and to not lose sight of what I am trying to write because I do not complete it in one session.  It is a sign of maturity.  For that reason alone, I have already won this competition against myself.  Nothing but good things come from practicing patience.



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