In the dark?

Sometimes you just write better with the lights out.  I continue my roll with two songs in production this week.  Plenty more to write… 

I did try a new product out this week called iZotope 7.  I demoed the Master Suite version, the middle of the pack.  I was completely blown away by how much it changed my mixes.  I did not realize how  much I was missing until I tried this.  I know the hard core audio guys will go ” but I have 800 years of experience and my skills will crush that software!”. I don’t doubt it, you do have years of experience and thousands of dollars of equipment or work in a professional studio.  However for the home studio types who want to learn for  themselves I cannot think of a better way.  To actually hear what the mastering phase should and can do is an “ear opening” experience.  I know because I tried it out and am hooked.  This really is a piece of software I cannot imagine not having at this point.

Brian Jilg Official Site

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