In the dark?

Sometimes you just write better with the lights out.  I continue my roll with two songs in production this week.  Plenty more to write… 

I did try a new product out this week called iZotope 7.  I demoed the Master Suite version, the middle of the pack.  I was completely blown away by how much it changed my mixes.  I did not realize how  much I was missing until I tried this.  I know the hard core audio guys will go ” but I have 800 years of experience and my skills will crush that software!”. I don’t doubt it, you do have years of experience and thousands of dollars of equipment or work in a professional studio.  However for the home studio types who want to learn for  themselves I cannot think of a better way.  To actually hear what the mastering phase should and can do is an “ear opening” experience.  I know because I tried it out and am hooked.  This really is a piece of software I cannot imagine not having at this point.

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Out with the old… In with the new..

I cannot post without including some music.  This is a music blog after all…with a salute to my old chair and welcome to my new chair!

Some selections I have written very much influenced by the movie Rogue One.

Impossible Mission

A Rogue Sonata

Old chair.. you have been a faithful companion. We have written many songs together.  I have learned a tremendous amount about music with you.  I bought you in September 2005, so I have a good perspective on how things have changed since then.


New chair.. Welcome you brown leather comfy chair!  I look forward to spending a lot of time with you in writing music and learning more about producing music and even occassionally a good nap.  You are sooo comfortable.  Welcome to the studio!


Rogue One

It is a little over a week away and I could not be more giddy!  One thing interesting about this movie is the amount of attention the music in the trailers have gotten.  The best piece I believe was in the second trailer, it called Machinations by Ninja Tracks.  The original piece is a very high tempo piece.  For the trailer they or somebody, slowed it down.  It is fantastic! There are tons of tutorials on how to play it, tons of Rogue One themed songs, just a massive hit.  So here is your Friday Fix.  Enjoy and may your Friday be awesoome!


I have finished my first trailer entry for 2017 but I am still focused sharply on my next project.  However, my approach is much more deliberate and purposeful.  I know what I want to write.  I can’t wait to write it and hear it. I can’t wait to let the world hear it!  I am taking my time on this one though.   There are some sounds and effects I have not mastered yet that I feel will be needed for this trailer.  I am going to learn before I write.  I am going to expand my musical vocabulary before speaking.  Onwards and forward!  Be bold and try new things!  It is the fact that I am patient with this project has me hopeful.  I believe it is a sign of becoming more confident in my ability to compose and to not lose sight of what I am trying to write because I do not complete it in one session.  It is a sign of maturity.  For that reason alone, I have already won this competition against myself.  Nothing but good things come from practicing patience.



1st trailer for 2017

Completed! I have completed and submitted my entry for the 2017 International Horror Film Contest. I am excited and hopeful it does well.  This is my second contest picking up from last year.  I cannot publicly release it until the results are announced, which I think will be in May. Wish me luck!

Lots of scoring trailers this weekend!

I am ramping up for my second and third scoring competitions going into 2017.  I wrote a ton this weekend and worked with the trailers provided.  I am excited to embark on this journey to see where the road goes.  We shall see how my next submissions do in the world of scoring trailers.  I am very excited for this!  I was waiting for this long weekend to throw myself into my work on this and see what would develop.  I am very pleased and eager to see how my submissions will fare.  My first submission will be in the  2017 International Horror Hotel Film Fest.  The festival is June 15th-18th, 2017 in Hudson, Ohio.  This is the first time I am submitting to this contest and it is definitely a different genre than I normally write for.  I am up for the challenge.


My second entry in 2017 will be again at the Indie Gathering Film Festival, for my second time entering.  The trailer for this one looks to be in my wheelhouse of what I have been doing lately, this should prove EPIC… (hint.. hint…)  The festival is from August 10th-13th, 2017 in Hudson, Ohio.


My First Award

Has been mounted.  When I walk into my studio I have a point of focus.  A point I can call the beginning.  I have dreams and ideas of things to come.  I am working to create a world of music to share with you all.  This will be my reminder and motivation of what I am able to do.  

Brian Jilg

So long Soundcloud?

I have been an avid fan of Soundcloud for many years.  I post all of my music there and for a long time it was king of all my sources of people listening to my music.  Those days are over and I think the numbers bear it out.  I know I am not a huge pull on Soundcloud, but damn, the numbers have dried up quite drastically.  Perhaps I am not engaging enough on Soundcloud?  That is a possibility, but experience has shown me that consistent posting keeps people coming back for more.  I just get the sense people are not piling onto Soundcloud, which is a shame.  It was a beautiful place to hear new music.  Music you would never hear any place else, name your genre.  Anyways, an interesting article on the possible future of Soundcloud possibly being bought out by Spotify.  I am not sure what that means for the average musician who posts there, but get your social networking skills honed and learn how to create videos for Youtube to keep growing your numbers.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pintrest, if you can name it, try to use it.  It is a massive undertaking obviously but that is what it takes to get noticed.  (well writing and producing music that people want to listen to as well…)  I have so much to learn… and learn I will.