New Music!

Hi!  I am excited to showcase my newest music for your viewing/listening pleasure!  The song is called Tides of War.  It is in the genre I really feel most comfortable writing, that is something that could be used in a trailer.  I hope you enjoy it and if you feel so inclined, give it a share!  Thank you for watching and I hope you are having a great day!




As you can probably guess, I am getting a little giddy for the new Star Wars movie.  I have watched the Official Trailer for Rogue One more than a few times.  I love the arrangement of the Imperial March theme in the trailer.  I think the photo I used in this video pretty much shows the grim determination that drives my song that was inspired by the trailer.  As always, thank you for watching and feel free to share with others if you enjoyed it!  Spread the music, not the hate!

In case you have not seen the trailer..








Just One Moment!

My newest video on Youtube!  A Piano Moment in A was titled after a sound on my keyboard.  The piano used in this song is called “A Piano Moment” and the key is in A.  I pretty much use this as my standard piano now.  I have a wide range of pianos to choose from, but this one to my ear, sounds the best for what I am doing.  Take a listen!  It is one of my best performing pieces on Soundcloud this year.  I had a great time recording this, the piano work was tricky but fun!

Brian did it again?

Yes.  I wrote more music!

I proudly present Solace of Guitars, my newest piece!  I wrote this almost a month ago, but held off releasing.  I was in a more “epic” mood at the time.  So I decided to not mix my releases with my mood at the time.  I tend to release music that fits my mood, so I may write something but hold off until I feel the time is right.  This is a song with good energy and movement. 

Thank you so much for watching!  Feel free to share if you like the video! Have an awesome day!


Drum Roll please…Announcing..


Brian Jilg – Honorable Mention in the 2016 Indie Gathering Scoring Competition

I am pleased to announce that I have won an honorable mention in the 2016 Indie Gathering Scoring Competition!  All participants must reach a specific score to win an award, so this being the first competition I have EVER entered into, I am totally ecstatic!  The award ceremony is on August 14th, 2016 in Hudson, Ohio.  Unfortunately I will be on another trip during that time.  It would have been cool to have been able to go.

This is really huge for me.  I have been working very hard the last 3 years of crafting my skills as a songwriter and producer.  This is just awesome!  I am on cloud 9.  I am able to publically release my submission now as well.  The title of my song is “Time Alone”

SoundCloud Plays – June 17, 2016


I know I am not a huge hit or knocking down killer numbers on SoundCloud.  I am proud of my numbers though.  I am proud of the work I do.  I look at all the songs I have written and recorded.  I never imagined I would be this far along.  No I am not going to make millions.  But what I am going to do is keep writing.  And writing.  So I can hopefully write something that makes somebody’s day brighter.  So on that note, groan, have an awesome Friday!

Beautiful Lie – A Cover by Brian Jilg

Sometimes you hear a piece of music that just stirs you to the deepest part of your soul.  That song for me this weekend was “Beautiful Lie” by Hans Zimmer / Junkie XL on the Batman vs. Superman soundtrack.  The haunting vocal on there really stood out to me.  I found myself playing along on my keyboard.  Next thing I knew, I had a rough draft of a cover.  So I finished fleshing it out and adding substance.  It is not a copy of the song, more of an interpretation.  That’s what makes covers fun for me, not just doing the exact same thing.. but what CAN you do different?

You can watch with the Youtube link or listen with the Soundcloud link below.  Always feel free to repost or share with others!

Thanks for taking your time out to watch or listen!





EPICA – My newest piece

My newest composition, Epica.  Going back to my really favorite genre of music, that is more orchestral/movie types.  Really fun going back to this once in awhile.

Remember, if you share this video,  a puppy will be saved.  Well, maybe not, but it made you smile thinking about it.  Mission Accomplished!

Have a great day!


Youtube Version


Soundcloud Version


Missing you, Under The Stars Tonight

My newest song on Soundcloud.  I am very pleased with this song.  I love how it all came together.  Reminds me of a 70’s longing love ballad.. say Alan Parsons or Foreigner.  Hope you enjoy!  Just push the orange button.. do it.  you know want to.  Then you want to share it..the little share button on the right.. Thanks for listening always!  Have an awesome Friday and spectacular weekend!